SYNYSHYN | Ecole Viscount Alexander

Ecole Viscount Alexander

Winnipeg  MB

Pembina Trails School Division

Completed in 2011 (Phase 1) and 2012 (Phase 2)

$6.1 M


Viscount Alexander was built in a series of stages during the 1940’s to 1960’s with each addition looking separate from the one previous. Over the years, original window openings had been bricked in, and a number of temporary fixes to the veneer further accentuated the patchwork look of the building. This project involved a completely new building envelope, not only adding energy efficiency, but the new brick and limestone facade also unifies the building into one harmonious exterior which fits into the context of the surrounding neighbourhood.


The work was completed in phases to allow the construction to be done over the summer months while school was out.