SYNYSHYN | Icelandic River Lodge

Icelandic River Lodge

Riverton  MB

Riverton Bifrost Holdings Inc.

Completed Phase 1 – February 2014, Phase 2 – 2015

$10 M


A new two storey multi-family residential complex for housing independent seniors and those that need support. The new facility replaces an aging 1970s building and will house 9 supportive housing suites along with associated amenities including a bathing room for the community. There will also be 30 one and two bedroom units for independent living making a total of 39 suites. The facility will also provide tenant common rooms and kitchen for recreational activities.


The building was designed with a high sloping roof to shed the large amounts of snow that the area receives and the site was developed to provide proper drainage for the low lying area near the Icelandic River. The exterior envelope includes limestone veneer for durability and to recall the spirit of the much loved original one storey lodge.