SYNYSHYN | Riverton Community Health Centre

Riverton Community Health Centre

Riverton  MB

Interlake Regional Health Authority

Completed in 2005



Riverton Community Health Clinic is a stand alone building designed for the community of Riverton, MB. The program included a requirement for examination rooms and counselling offices for community workers. Flexibility was built in through use of a universal room size for these areas. This was done to allow for fluidity between programs. Plumbing was roughed in to office space to allow for future expansion of the exam rooms. The building was sited to allow for expansion of the clinic for future growth. Windows were placed at either end of the corridor connecting the exam rooms to allow for removal to allow for the building to expand. This project foreshadowed LEED principles by incorporating day lighting strategies in exam rooms and through incorporation of a roof monitor to penetrate the interior.