SYNYSHYN | Vascular & Thoracic Outpatient Units

Vascular & Thoracic Outpatient Units

Health Sciences Centre  Winnipeg  MB

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Completed in 2014



The Vascular and Thoracic Outpatient Units are a renovation to an existing area of the General Hospital Building at HSC. The program area encompasses both clinical and support areas. Exam rooms are designed to include office and examination functions and incorporate the CSA standards specific to health care issues and infection control. The procedure room includes provision for bariatric patients as does the furniture design in the waiting area. Finishes and materials are compliant with HSC standards and CSA Z8000. The floor plan evidences the care taken in the planning of the facility while the 3D sketches indicate the materials, finishes and aesthetics. These 3D drawings were developed during the design development stage to assist the client in understanding the design intent.